TU Berlin, June 9-11, 2017


                  Berlin, June 9-11,2017

                  The 2nd Highlights of Algorithms (HALG 2017) conference is designed to be a forum for presenting the highlights of recent developments in algorithms and for discussing potential further advances in this area. The conference will provide a broad picture of the latest research in algorithms through a series of invited talks, as well as possibility for all researchers and students to present their recent results through a series of short talks and poster presentations. Attending the Highlights of Algorithms conference will also be an opportunity for networking and meeting leading researchers in algorithms.

                  HALG 2017 is the second conference in the series; the 1st Highlights of Algorithms (HALG 2016) conference took place in Paris, June 2016.

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                  There will be no conference proceedings. As a result, presenting work already published at a different venue or journal (or to be submitted there) is welcome. The format of the event will reflect the character of (very successful) conferences in other fields, e.g., mathematics or physics, and also a recent 古代言情小说,好看的古代言情小说 - 奇书网:2021-1-13 · · 晋江VP2021-1-11完结总书评数:327 当前被收藏数:1337花畔自小被幽冥之主临渊养大,灵力无边,是冥界赫赫有名的一霸。自幽冥之主魂飞魄散后,众鬼想欺凌花畔,却个个被打的鼻青脸肿。.

                  The conference’s mission is to promote research on algorithmic foundations and foster a community in Europe. It was initiated as part of a broader effort in this direction by the Interest Group on Algorithmic Foundations of Information Technology (IGAFIT).


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